Media & Morality

Media and Morality are the two sides of a coin.

Media and Morality are the two sides of a coin. Without morality it is difficult to control the media. But to have a healthy society, the collaboration of these two opposite words should be worked upon. Before we start to examine these two words we have to understand their meaning, scope and definition.
First of all, what do we understand about MEDIA?

As its name suggests, Media is a very popular medium. Media collects the news, views and information from the people, and sent or transmitted to the public. In other words media is just like a vehicle. If we do not take control, it will not serve us as it should.

Next we come to MORALITY.
Ethics & Morality are erroneously thought to be the same thing. Both Ethics & Morality come from Philosophy. Morality is an inbuilt habit and Ethics is the practice. We all have a conscience, but we do not use it in a proper way. Just like we all have the inner power of morality without the inclination to put it into use.
Previously it was the duty of the media to give only information. But according to the changing habits of readers/ audience/ listeners media has also changed its trend and added education and entertainment.
It is the media who is serving its duty 24 x 7. But in between the service, sometimes, media shows some vulgar & unethical contents. These contents may be appreciated by the young, which may have an adverse effect on their acquisition of knowledge.
Our society is affected by the new media –Social media and globalization. Innocent students are spending hours surfing the Internet. Unknowingly they come across different porn websites.

It is not only the duty of the media to give us good & ethical contents but we have the responsibility to choose the good from the bad and inform the media accordingly. So guardians are to keep a close watch and give their children the proper guidance.
-They have to work as media filters.
-They have to keep a close surveillance on their children activities with a regard to what they view.
-They have stand-up for the decency of TV contents.
-They should always use the parental authorization feature in their subscription package to restrict viewing of channels.
-They should be very aware of their kids Internet activities.

Like the Internet it’s the Television that many of us watch. Television watching without the relevant utility might have an unhealthy impact.
Addiction to TV often creates disturbance in the family. It has been observed that deterioration of family togetherness or closeness has occurred due to this. It also deteriorates the working of the mind & spirit. The worst result of this is a lack of interest in God and the lack of communication between members in the family disrupts the warmth and steady flow of love which is responsible in binding family ties together.

A responsible citizen needs this kind of distortion in the following manner:

-Write to the advertisers.These addresses are available on their products.One can complain locally to the producer or the director of that TV channel.

-By going to the office or by sending written complaints one can inform them about the contents.

-By going to the corporate offices one can meet the media executives and convince them about their products.

-Another way that one may protest silently is by not buying the products and informing the manufacturer the reason for doing so.

It is not only the duty and responsibility of civilians or subscribers or users to fight against bad content of media but also as a media person/media organization they have the responsibility to provide a decent content to the audience.
The Media should follow some practices, like:

-While reporting always-present the truth to the reader/audience. And presenting the truth is almost never libel.
-Always show good taste in choosing the program and news in TV shows.Many media organization run behind the TRP by showing content that might create lurid curiosity among the audience. This is not healthy.
-To avoid creating unnecessary unpleasantness, be sensitive when seeking or using interviews or photographs.
-While showing sensitive cases like sex, crime, juvenile and domestic violence, be cautious about identifying juvenile suspects or victims of sex crimes. Avoid showing their face by using mosaic & blur effects.
-The presentation of TV shows always needs to use correct spoken and written language.
-Always present the news with brevity and clarity.

To maintain morality in media, it needs the common effort of both the media and audience to create awareness among the user/subscribers of the media. To have a flawless society both the programmer and user should shoulder the responsibilities equally.

Author: sambit