Confusing Customer, New funda of online Shopping.

Confusing Customer, New funda of online Shopping.

Witnessed by advent of online shopping, customers are now being provided a hectic free shopping. Its just a click away, digital era enables one to transact on this online platform. Customers carry the shopped things say no to the market, bazaar, malls with some money/cards and a bag. The user-friendly layman approach of this online shopping drives millions to decide the fate of products in the market. The downloaded shopping apps on customer’s internet enabled communication accessories help search anything wish to buy. Customer must give the address of product delivery having a facility of online payment or C.O.D offer.

The attractive offers manipulated and placed on several links/ websites on opening floodgates of global network misguide customers, critics say. 

C.O.D quite sometimes seems to be dangerous as delivery boy won’t give the customer to see the packet before cash on his hand. The push approach also varies to the direct market at the delivery point even wrong materials reach at wrong destination.

Many of the online shopping websites gave lucrative festive offer on many festivals. A sister at far distance sent a rakhi from a reputed site but it came after seven days with half opened. This has become universal in many transactions. Despite few regulatory framework designed for this online shopping customers have been encountered with such harassments. Hence a robust monitoring committee if established may help online shopping trustworthy.